30-day music meme day 14: a song no one would expect you to love

This is about as close as I can come to a song no one would expect me to like. This is not cool in any way, shape or form. There was never a time in the universe when anything involved with Lawrence Welk was cool.

And yet, it was a hit. It sounds like it should be the theme song to a romantic comedy taking place somewhere vaguely not here. Plus, you have an ex-Mouseketeer dancing. What more could you ask?




2 responses to “30-day music meme day 14: a song no one would expect you to love

  1. From Wikipedia:

    In the episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 featuring The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies, during a scene involving a woman dancing with an effeminate man, Tom Servo, imitating Welk, riffed, “Thank you, Cissy and Sissy,” referencing his show’s popular dance team of Bobby and Cissy…

    One segment of Lawrence Welk in the early 1970s featured Welk singers Gail Farrell and Dick Dale performing Brewer & Shipley’s “One Toke Over The Line”, which was introduced by apparently-uneasy accordion player Myron Floren and concluded with Lawrence Welk describing it as a “modern spiritual”.

    • Ah, yes. I’m sure no one knew how to explain that to Welk. There was probably a lot that mystified the champagne music-maker about late 60s-early 70s lyrics. Things that were best not explained.

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