Fun Monday–you make me feel like dancing… or not

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Ari of A Prawn of Fate is in charge of Fun Monday this month. She asks us to link to songs or videos that make you want to dance.

This is a tough one. Mostly because I can’t dance to save my life. In grade school gym class I was asked to sit out folk dancing–and you had to be really uncoordinated to be forced to sit out folk dancing. I tried taking dance classes as an adult, and luckily no injuries happened to me or my partner. If I were on Dancing With The Stars, I would be voted off the first week. You get the idea.

If I did dance, though, I might choose one of these songs.

Almost every wedding I’ve ever been to had this song playing at some point.

Even I can twist–after a fashion.

And a bit of 80s-style dance music.

You know… I do feel a bit like dancing. It’s just a shame I’m not good at it!

Go visit Ari and see who else is dancing this week.


4 responses to “Fun Monday–you make me feel like dancing… or not

  1. I love dancing although folk dancing is not in my repertoire. Although I am a child (teen) of the 60’s, I do not Twist either…much too hard on the old spine. “One Night in Bangkok” certainly is a fun song.

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