the last post of 2010…

2010 was the year of love. Seems like a lot of online friends and local friends alike got engaged, found love, started living together.

2010 was a year of pain. Some breakups, misunderstandings, and a few divorces. Not an inconsiderable amount of physical pain, either–gout seems to be the disease all the cool kids are getting, starting with my mother and spreading through my friends. Mom, knowing gout’s reputation as a rich old man’s disease, felt a bit deprived because she was neither rich nor male.

2010  was a year of reunion. I got to see, at two different times, people I hadn’t seen for years (as well as met someone I knew online, but never met in person). Mom got reunited with friends she hadn’t seen in decades.

And 2010 was the year I decided I was crazy enough to do 31 posts in 31 days. This is the last post of 31 days of blogging my way through December.

And next year? What does 2011 bring?

Well, I hope to continue to get in better shape, physically, emotionally and maybe financially, though that last one will be hard. I don’t do resolutions, but 2011 had a lot of lessons for me, some pleasant, some not, and I hope what I learned will stick.

And I’m going to post once a week through 2011. I went nuts trying to think of new things to do every day through NaBloPoMo–might do it again in November, when the big official one with prizes takes place. But once a week, I think I can do. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow I rest.

See ya next year! :p


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