After reading yesterday’s post, my older sister suggested I write about addictions. Then, by a strange coincidence, a coworker from another department came down talking about a show about extreme addictions.

What, you may ask, is an extreme addiction? Eating toilet paper, fresh off the roll. Sleeping with your blow dryer. Working out like it was your job, and with roughly the same hours. (I pretty much saved all of us the trouble of watching the show. You’re welcome.)

Most of us aren’t like that. Booze and food and even drugs seem downright normal compared with cuddling up to the blow dryer–did I tell you this woman has the dryer ON when she takes it to bed? I didn’t think so.

My own addictions are pretty mundane. Food, especially chocolate, and sleep. Also word games on Facebook, like Scrabble and Lexulous (almost like Scrabble, except I can play with people from other countries). Easy addictions… no time wasted in trying to get used to anything. Boring, and socially acceptable.

There are darker addictions lurking in my family, mostly on my dad’s side. There are a few alcoholics, and more than a few compulsive gamblers. One relative wasted many years on drugs before finally getting off them a few years ago.

My mother worries about being addicted to pain killers. When she was recovering from an operation one time, she was given one of those pumps where you can give yourself as much medication as you need. She did it… once. It worked so well it scared the heck out of her–she knew it wasn’t supposed to feel *that* good.

Still, most of us manage to make it through life with only the mildest of addictions–most people don’t drink to get drunk every day of their lives, most of us eat what we want, but only until we’re full, an occasional trip to the casino is no big deal, and drugs don’t seem all that compelling.

And most of us don’t have a half-roll of toilet paper a day habit.


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