the night owl…

Ever since I was young, I preferred night to day, dark to dawn, sunset to sunrise. My mother has stories of me refusing to go to bed because I wanted to watch the late movie or the Tonight Show. No doubt the refrain of many a kid was also said by me: “When I grow up, I’ll stay up as late as I want!”

Of course, what they don’t tell you, because you wouldn’t have believed it anyway, is that once you’re grown up and start working, you want to be in bed early. Worse, it even interferes with the weekend. I remember in my college years being up at weird hours, playing Scrabble or talking, and not feeling a bit tired until it was nearly light. I remember seeing stars, and eating diner food at 3 a.m. and being none the worse for it.

I still see stars, but that’s because I leave before dawn to get to work by 7 a.m. And there aren’t that many diners these days, only chains. The Tonight Show and those like it haven’t been worth staying up to watch for years. I can catch the important parts on YouTube, if I want.

And here it’s 9:40 p.m.–past my bedtime. Good night.


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