Fun Monday–so, how’s it goin’?

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Jill of Life is Not Bubble Wrapped completes her month running Fun Monday by asking for a life update.

*shrugs* Could be better, could be worse.

The weekend I spent in New York state this summer was wonderful. Friends, food, fun, renaissance faire… I even wore garb one day. I need more out-of-town vacations. Meeting another friend and her young daughter this spring for dinner was another wonderful memory. They were passing through on their way home from somewhere else, and we ate and laughed. I need more people to appear out of a clear blue sky (even if the day itself was gray).

And if the cigarette smoke from the people next door doesn’t kill me first, I am getting healthier. For awhile, I had been in better physical condition than most of my immediate family–which wasn’t saying much, given the shape most of us were in. They couldn’t help it for the most part, but I can still do something about myself, and it’s finally beginning to sink in. If I can get the physical part of myself better, maybe the rest will follow?

Go visit Jill and see how the rest of Fun Monday writers are doing.


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