how to know when the year is ending…

The end of the year is almost upon us. Friday night, people will go out to parties, get drunk, eat too much and come home with hangovers in time to watch football.

But what if you don’t do any of that? How can you tell when the end of the year is here? And is there any escape?

The main sign of an ending year is the ads for gyms, weight-loss programs and exercise equipment. Now, you might have been out of shape all year long. And you may or may not have a few pounds (or more than a few) to take off. But even if you are rail-thin, the drive to get you spending money to lose pounds and inches is on with a vengeance.

Having been though the weight-loss thing for awhile, I know–the lines at WW and the gym will be long for about a month, then the discouraged will go right back to whatever they were doing before. It’s too cold, too busy, too whatever. But for a month they will be gung-ho.

The second way you know the year is ending–clearance sales! From the day after Christmas on, the stores are busy unloading all the unbought merchandise from Christmas hoping to gain a bit more of that holiday sparkle and room for spring items to come in. It should be finally safe for those of us non-shoppers to go near a mall sometime in the second week of January. For now, enter at your own risk.

And then there are the lists. Top-10 lists of this, that and the other. All the famous people who died, got married, got divorced. The best movies, songs, whatever. The worst songs, movies, whatever. All neatly categorized for you.

Nope, you don’t need the calendar to know the end is near.


2 responses to “how to know when the year is ending…

  1. I have the ‘perfect’ reason to know the year change….
    What might that be???
    Jan 1st is the anniversary of the day I was born!!! So bittersweet a new year? and another reminder of aging…

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