Christmas tastes like…

Christmas tastes sweet, like chocolate and cinnamon. It tastes a bit like my Nana’s soft anise biscotti–something I haven’t thought of in years until a co-worker who is Italian brought soft anise cookies to work. It’s soft and creamy, and a little nutty, like the cheesecake brownies I used to make this time of year. It can also be crunchy and a bit messy, like the Puppy Chow (aka People Chow, Muddy Buddies or probably a few other names) made as a sweet version of Chex Mix.

It tastes of boozy parties, like the rum balls another co-worker made one year, so strong I was afraid I’d be too drunk to work if I ate a whole one. (She was very nicely asked by management not to bring them next year.)  Or like the eggnog lattes made by so many coffee shops this time of year–or my mom’s rum cake, which really doesn’t have rum in it, only extract.

Christmas tastes tart like cranberries, cooked into sauce or made into cookies. It can be juicy like the simple orange salad made with fresh oranges, salt and pepper, a bit of oil and maybe some red onion if you happen to have it around.

And we wonder why people gain weight over the holidays.


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