Fun Monday–home remedies…

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Jill of Life is Not Bubble Wrapped wants to know what’s good for what ails you. If you have a cold or just not feeling good, what home remedies do you use to make yourself feel better?

I usually tend to avoid people when I’m not feeling up to snuff. For the most part, I don’t want to be waited on hand-and-foot, talked to, tucked in or babied. I just want to be left curled up in a ball, surrounded with blankets and quiet. Sleep cures a lot of things.

Hot tea with lemon and honey soothes a sore throat. Sometimes, a teaspoon of straight honey calms down the scratchiness. Water is a good thing in general–when I catch cold, I crave water. Eating anything that could scratch going down seems to make me cough all the more, so I avoid chips, nuts, and anything crunchy. Which, of course, leaves me wanting anything crunchy and scratchy.

The only time I want broth-based soups is when I’m sick. There’s just something warm and comforting about chicken soup, even if it’s from a box or can. If I can hold food down, poaching an egg in the soup makes it that much more nourishing. Most of the time I want nothing to do with clear soups (a hangover from growing up poor), so if I’m looking for the Campbell’s or Mrs. Grass, you know I’m not well.

For a stuffy nose, I’ll eat something spicy, if my stomach is up to the challenge. Wasabi clears the sinuses like nothing else!

Non-food remedies–heat packs, hot water bottles, good old Vick’s Vaporub, maybe some Aleve or ibuprofen as a last resort. But the best thing of all is sleep, and lots of it.

Now go visit Jill and see who else has a cure for the common cold or whatever.


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