it’s quiet…

Mom has finally fallen asleep in front of the TV. Survivor is on, I think–that’s how I know she’s sleeping (she’d never watch such tripe while awake). That, and the snoring.

The neighbors must not be home, or at least not entertaining. The surround-sound isn’t rattling the floors and windows of the near-by apartments. Someone is cooking something potentially tasty, though–I smell apples and cinnamon.

A snatch of foreboding music floats through the air. Somebody must be getting ready to be voted off. But first, commercials. Sounds like a chicken is being torn apart alive while laying a dozen eggs –must be the ad for that optical chain again. A pair of glasses splits into two pairs, and it’s painful to listen to. Which means it will be on at least four more times before the commercial break is over. A teaser for the weather… more snow and ice expected.

I check the apartment. Lights are out. I need to go to bed myself soon, especially if there will be icy streets to contend with. Right now, there’s nothing but cold out there. Maybe the ice will pass us by. Maybe not. But right now it’s quiet, and the TV is down to a murmur, and I’m going to bed.

Good night.


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