exercise seems to be doing something

I’m getting used to working out three days a week. The weight is not dropping off fast, but right now I’m ok with that. It’s the holidays, and if I survive them without gaining, that’s great.

It took years to get to this point. I wanted to lose all my weight in six months or fewer, and with me that’s not going to happen. I like food. Losing one or two pounds a week may be a snail’s pace, but it’s probably a much healthier pace.

But working out is making a difference. The difference doesn’t always show on the scale, but when I look in the mirror I find that certain areas don’t hang so much. That apron in front, for example. It doesn’t hang down as low as it did a few weeks ago. When I take a shower, the rolls of back fat don’t seem to roll so much. Little things like that. There’s still a long way to go.

The biggest surprise came today after my workout. This morning I parked the car and was pretty much alone in the lot. Went to Weight Watchers, then worked out. When I came back out, a giant pick-up truck parked next to my little bitty car. I couldn’t get to the driver’s side door, let alone open it. Without thinking about it, I opened the passenger door, climbed over the automatic shift in the middle, slid into the driver’s seat, buckled up, and drove away. No problem. Not even much cussing.

Well, I did have to take my coat off, but still–hello, flexibility!


2 responses to “exercise seems to be doing something

  1. See…you also mentioned idiots that can’t park in your tags!! It must be something in the air right now! But great going on the weight loss and I think you’re tackling it the best possible way. I’ve always found that the quicker it comes off the worse it is for you – not to mention that it piles on much quicker. Small goals are easier to achieve too.

  2. Congrats at keeping up with your regime so far! That’s an achievement you should be proud of, never mind losing weight! I’m with the crowd who can’t get into a routine. I’m not very large, but I’ve never managed to lose weight as my doc wants me to. I just keep starting again and keep my fingers crossed! LOL!

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