halfway point…

December is already half-finished. Christmas is a week from Saturday, New Year’s Day the following week. And somehow, I have managed to do some kind of blog entry each day so far.

So many words, and (sometimes) so little to say! No wonder most blogs seem to die before they really start. The blank screen seems even more intimidating than the blank page in a typewriter. Perhaps it’s less satisfying in one sense: you can’t tear out the screen and crumple it up, tossing it in the wastebasket when you write something you don’t like. Highlighting the offending passage and pressing the delete key just isn’t the same.

Trying to get something out there every day takes a lot of determination. I have forgotten just how much work it is to write, and how much fun it can be. Some days, the words come easily. Most days they don’t. I had allowed myself to get rusty. Life gets in the way, and so does insecurity.

Sixteen more days to go. Yikes!


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