no resolutions

This time of year puts a lot of pressure on people. A friend is seriously considering avoiding Facebook for the remainder of the month because the whole Christmas thing is getting her down. The pressure to be merry and cheerful is getting to her, for a number of reasons, and given her circumstances I’d do the same.

After Christmas comes New Years and the expectations that people will resolve to improve their lives. New year, new you and all that. This is the time people promise themselves they will get in shape, lose weight, quit smoking and throw out any other bad habits. Trouble is, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, these good intentions come in the middle of a dark, bleak winter making that winter seem darker and bleaker. It’s cold, depressing and miserable, and you’re going to make yourself more miserable by giving up all those little vices that make life bearable? Are you all insane?

On the other hand, it’s something to do rather than focus on the dark, bleak and miserable. You can’t control the weather, but possibly you can control what you do.

I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions for years. Seems like most of my life-changing decisions like getting in shape have come at different times of the year. Maybe I don’t like popular culture telling me what to do and when to do it. Maybe I just didn’t feel inspired to get in line with the masses of people who will mostly give up by February. And maybe it’s just too cold and dreary to inspire new change.

I’ll make my changes when I’m good and ready, just like my friend will get into the holiday spirit or not when she’s ready.


One response to “no resolutions

  1. Hey I think I know that person! LOL It’s such a hard time of the year and people DO put such unnecessary pressures on themselves don’t they! I never do the resolution thing, it’s like a dare that I fail at miserably every time! I often say “my resolution is to not have any!”

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