just give me some of that fake rock ‘n’ roll music…

Once again I’m trying to recommit myself to losing weight and getting in shape. Two things generally stand in my way: I like to eat and hate to exercise. Yeah, there are also the genes on my dad’s side of the family to consider, but I suspect they have a great deal to do with liking to eat and hating exercise. I’m rededicating myself to Weight Watchers to deal with the eating, and the exercise–well, that’s where the title of this post comes in.

As it happens, there’s an exercise place about two blocks away from me. I had considered joining off and on, but it seemed silly when there is a perfectly good gym where I work. A perfectly good gym which I never used more than a few months because it was always crowded, and in the wintertime I would want to get home before traffic got really bad. The tiny apartment where my mom and I live barely holds furniture, let alone exercise equipment. Walking? I’ll do it later, and later never came.

Then one of those social buying sites dangled a two-month membership for $25 in front of me. I snapped it up. Surely, I could do anything for two months.  Circuit training? I’ve done it before, so even though the machines were slightly different, the principle was familiar.

I just didn’t know the music would be part of the deal.

The music is rock ‘n’ roll songs we all know. However, like those cheap knock-offs of K-Tel records, they are not sung by the original artists. They *almost* sound like they might be the real artists. Still, something isn’t quite right, like a big toothy grin on an otherwise perfect replica of the Mona Lisa. But you talk yourself into believing Mona got herself a new dentist and some Prozac and you get used to it.

But then, there’s that beat. KA-THUMPA-THUMPA-THUMP. It doesn’t matter who’s singing–fake ABBA, fake Aretha, fake Beatles, fake Elvis–everything has been sped up and put through the disco drum machine. It’s not so bad if the song is already disco, but disco ’50s music?

You have just put a cheap Hawaiian shirt on the Mona Lisa. Congratulations.

On the other hand, exercising to that fake rock has netted me a loss of three pounds and five inches over the last couple of months. As fake Bob Seeger sang “That Old Time Rock and Roll” to a disco beat, I signed up for a year at the workout place.


2 responses to “just give me some of that fake rock ‘n’ roll music…

  1. Found you randomly on NaBloPoMo and I liked your blog title. Anyway, if your gym is part of a chain, I think I know which one you’re talking about, and I hated their music when I was a member. The WORST was at Christmas because they had some kind of terrible montage that featured a version of the Macarena that said “Hey, Merry Christmas!” And this was about 10 years after the Macarena was popular. Plus who works out to Christmas music?

    • It’s a women-only chain that starts with “C”. 😉 I have yet to be treated to the Christmas music. Thanks for the warning… I can look forward to it with fear in my heart and plugs in my ears.

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