Fun Monday–Halloween

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Faye at Summit Musings completes her month of Fun Mondays by asking about what we’re dressing as for Halloween. Usually, I’m pretty scary by myself, but for the first time in 30+ years, I’ve been invited to a party where I actually have to wear a costume.

There are many people who can throw together a costume out of this and that and come up with something really cool. One coworker pinned socks and various items of clothes on an old sweat suit and went to a party as static cling. I am not one of these people. So I did what anyone else in my situation would do–scour the internet.

It wasn’t promising. My idea of plus sizes were not their idea. The largest size was 22; I’m a 24-26. Furthermore, everything for women is “sexy.” Sexy cop, sexy vampire, sexy Wilma Flintstone, sexy Oscar the Grouch. OK, not sexy Oscar the Grouch… but there was sexy Big Bird. And (believe me, it creeps me out just typing this) sexy Cindy Brady. Yes, the youngest one in curls. Ewww!

Undaunted, I went to the best costume store in town. It was packed, so much so I couldn’t get too close to the sexy cop, sexy hippie, sexy disco queen, sexy Elmo, or sexy werewolf costumes. I did get up-close and personal with the sexy Cindy Brady costume, though. It was even creepier in real life.

See? Creepy.

I couldn’t stand the crowd any more, so I went to a couple more stores and looked at more sexy cops, sexy Greek Goddesses, sexy Lady Gagas, sexy firefighters, sexy Snooki from Jersey Shore, and… yes, sexy Cindy Brady.

At the last store, I found a bee costume that made no claim to being sexy. Furthermore, it fit. A vest with a pair of wings and a headband with antennae, fairly cheap. I had black clothes to wear under it, it would work. Then I bought a honey pot purse. And yellow and black striped legwarmers. The costume wasn’t so cheap after that, but I was getting into this now. Yellow and black haircoloring spray, and I’m set.

This is it... but not sexy. Not on me, anyway.

Visit Faye and see who’s dressing up for Halloween.


6 responses to “Fun Monday–Halloween

  1. I hear you on the sexy costumes…I dont care for any of them either. Your Bee costume sounds like something I would pick also. Thanks for sharing and happy Fun Monday

  2. Anything that starts with a black foundation is a good thing. You’re right though, some people just have a knack for “getups”. When I was working most of my co-workers dressed up and vied for prizes. Lots of laughs. I wore black slacks and orange lipstick. . .

  3. I have two young girls and the sexy costumes are EVERYWHERE! I just try to encourage them to use their imagination and make their own.

    I like the bee. I’m sure it will look adorable on you and it seems it will be comfy too. Have fun at your party!!

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