Fun Monday–three wishes

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Sayre concludes her month of Fun Monday by wondering what three wishes we would make, given a chance.

May I have three more wishes? No? Oh, all right, then.

First wish: the wish that no conflict would be too big or too small to solve peacefully so that everyone is happy. I hate conflict. I will go out of my way to avoid it, even if it means going along with something I’d rather not to keep people from being angry. That person who won’t discuss religion or politics and tries to change the subject to something, ANYTHING else–that would be me. I want peace on earth, the lion to lie down with the lamb and not eat it, and I want everyone to like me.

The genie frowns. “I’ll get back to you on that,” he says. “What’s your second wish?”

Wish two: Good health for us all. Maybe not immortality, even though I hate the idea of missing out on what’s coming next, but I’d like to see cancer, heart disease, AIDS, and so many more things that kill us and make our lives miserable and painful wiped off the face of the earth. Since we all have to die anyway, wouldn’t you just as soon go in your sleep after a nice long life wherein you got to do everything you wanted?

The genie sighs. “I’m not promising anything, but I’ll get right on it. Last wish, and make it easy. Please?”

I think for a moment. “OK, genie, for my last wish how about one of those cool new iPod Touch players?

Be careful what you wish for, though, or you could end up like this:

Starting next week, Faye will take on Fun Monday. Meanwhile, visit Sayre Smiles to see who else has wishes.


6 responses to “Fun Monday–three wishes

  1. Growing up after brothers and sister left home, I never learned to fight. So, like you hate conflict today. Unfortunately all my friends are so much more conservative than I so we just don’t talk about politics and religion. I hope I’m a bit wiser than Cookie Monster in wishing!

    I’ll have the signup for Oct. 4 Fun Monday posted on Wednesday. Come see me!

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