Fun Monday–your quiet place…

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Sayre continues her month of Fun Mondays by asking about our “quiet place.” That place to refresh and renew, to get away.

When I lived alone, my entire apartment was like that. I never minded being alone–actually, I usually prefer it. Since my mother and I now live together, sometimes I have to physically get away in order to have the quiet and solitude I crave.

In the spring through fall, I like going to the local parks to be with nature. The trees are just beginning to change colors, and the beauty is mixed with a bit of sadness, for fall leads to the cold, gray winter. Spring is when new life begins and the world turns a lush green. And for me, few things are more wonderful than the bright sunshine and healing warmth of summer.

In the winter, if I can get out, I retreat to a coffeehouse with my netbook or a paperback and a hot chocolate or some comforting tea. I’m in my own world, and for a short time, I can forget my troubles and tell that little critical voice in my head to shut up.

And if all else fails–I just go to bed!

Check Sayre Smiles to see who else has a quiet place to retreat from the world.


5 responses to “Fun Monday–your quiet place…

  1. I wish bed was a refuge. It’s just so busy in there. Cats. Dogs with wet noses (not on the bed, but next to it). Little boy calling in the night. Husband. Not much sleep.

    I love the netbook and cafe idea though. Might have to try that (and buy a netbook).

  2. If you’re accustomed to living alone, having someone else in the house can be a challenge even if your “roommate” is considerate and respectful of your need for space. You’re wise to get out of the house as you do. Easy to be alone, even at Starbuck’s!

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