Fun Monday–your body…

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Sayre continues her month of Fun Mondays with a request for your favorite (and perhaps least favorite) parts of the body.

Tough question. A lot of us aren’t all that happy with what we see in the mirror… too fat, too thin, too lumpy, shapeless, whatever. I’ve been trying to balance my desire to lose weight with my love of food for years, and can’t seem to do it. (Nothing tastes as good as thin feels? Who are they kidding?) After 53 years, I’m just glad my body works.

better than thin

Now how can I hold out against that?

The parts of my body I like the best seem to be inside–my veins, which quickly give up blood when I donate; my muscles, for holding me up and doing other heavy work; my mind, which keeps me occupied. The outer part is just a shell, really.

Having said that, I could do without those upper-arm “wings.” And my feet aren’t all that attractive, and my ankles swell and look lumpy. But other than that, could be worse.

of course, all the parts I don't like are covered...

not so bad, really, but all the parts I don't like are covered.

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5 responses to “Fun Monday–your body…

  1. Hahahhaa… You sound just like me!!! I’ve been working on my insides for a while now but they sure don’t match my outside! I’m always a little shocked when I look in the mirror and see this rather overweight middle-aged woman looking back. But most everything works, so I’m pretty happy with that! (and no… I couldn’t resist that…)

  2. Great attitude for someone who claims to be cynical. No only do you recognize that the outer part is just a shell, but you appreciate the inner workings. On top of that, you donate blood. I am impressed.

  3. At a certain age it’s good to be philosophical about our body, isn’t it? Like the other commenters, it’s good to be happy that your pieces parts work the way they’re supposed to. I like that you wear happy colors like your pink shirt. For myself, it’s too much black. BTW, I wouldn’t even try to resist that first photo!

  4. The ice cream doesn’t have any syrup on it. That’s the only thing I would complain about, lol. I have to fight hard to remember sometimes that our body is just a body. I’m one of the younger FM players, just starting a family, and although pain hasn’t taken it’s toll on me yet, I’d like to get a jump on it.. even chasing a toddler doesn’t seem to burn calories for me. Cheers to you for enjoying what you have!

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