Fun Monday–learning…

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The lovely Sayre of Sayre Smiles is hosting Fun Monday this month. She asks: what would you like to learn, given a chance?

A few things are on my mind. One I have considered off and on through the years and never quite had the nerve to follow through on… belly dancing. I had heard it’s supposed to be great exercise for those with bad backs, like me. And it does look like fun. But I’m no performer… and most of the belly dancers I’ve seen in the past seemed to have no bellies to speak of.

Oh, really?

Now, if she can do it, and she’s a bit larger than I am (and pregnant besides!), then surely it’s possible for me. I might go the route of buying videos rather than taking classes, though. Cheaper, and no danger of actually doing this in front of people.

Next on my list: singing. Contrary to rumor, I can carry a tune in a bucket; it’s just that the bucket leaks. Again, my desires are modest. I don’t want to perform, but I would like to be able to sing along with the radio without scaring people. Or I could just wait until portable auto-tune is available for all.

Finally, I’d like to relearn Spanish. I took it in college, but didn’t use it and don’t remember much. Not only would it be useful in the here-and-now, but I’m considering retiring outside of the US, and most of the places I’m thinking about require some knowledge of Spanish. This is the one that might actually get done!

To see who else might want to learn new stuff this week, visit Sayre’s post.


3 responses to “Fun Monday–learning…

  1. Actually, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that so many of us want to learn and/or relearn languages. If we didn’t want to communicate, we would not be blogging either. Thanks for the belly-dancing video. Enough to give anyone hope.

  2. OOPS ! I missed the video…has been disabled, or maybe she became disable doing her belly dance.
    Yes, I’m taking Spanish classes. Just a little comes back from my two years of Spanish in high school…just a little.
    I do want to learn to Zumba, but not sure I can find anyone who might give me private lessons.
    Thanks for stopping by. Not sure where you came from but hope you come back.
    Have a great week.

  3. Belly dancing is probably a skill most of us would want to at least start learning in private–at least ’til we got rid of some inhibitions! The studio where I have pilates lessons also offers zumba classes-never seen them, but am thinking it’s a step down from belly dancing.

    How sad that as adult we lose our confidence in singing. I’ve been watching “The Choir” on BBC 2 this summer. A young choirmaster in England turns a sports centered high school into singers. Tonight he’s tackling a community to get them singing as a group. Brings tears to my eyes to watch.

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