The return of Fun Monday–you gotta have friends!

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Fun Monday has fallen by the wayside, apparently about the same time my blogging did. Mariposa is determined to start it back up, and has posted future topics here. Today it’s all about friendship.

Friendship is a difficult topic for me. As a kid I was painfully shy and bullied a lot. So I never thought I was any good at making friends. Even now, I feel a bit insecure about it. Now, of course, you can make “friends” at the click of a mouse… and catch up on old friends as well.

Whether made online or off, my friends are intelligent, funny, thoughtful, and critical. Yes, critical. This doesn’t mean they nag about my looks or behavior or the car I drive or anything like that. It means we know we have flaws, can even get angry sometimes, but we love each other anyway. It’s tough love, but sometimes you need that, too.

As for the whys of friendship? Like love, who knows what attracts one person to another. Sure, you start with things in common, but what keeps us together seems to be more than that.

I need to get back into blogging more again–I feel a bit creaky! 


5 responses to “The return of Fun Monday–you gotta have friends!

  1. I understand the shyness. I was never bullied, but I never made friends easily, either. I like reading your stuff! It’s reminded me though – I haven’t written a thing in over two years. *sigh*

  2. I was always an awkward kid who didn’t make friends easily. I had a cousin and the little girl who came to stay with her grandma during the summers kind of forced on me – but those turned out to be lifelong friendships!

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