fun Monday–cars

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Sayre of Sayre Smiles is in the driver’s seat this Fun Monday. She wants to know about our cars: What was your first car?  Which was your favorite car?  And what are you driving now – and why?

First of all, I didn’t start driving until I was in my 30s. The bus service was good, and as long as I knew the schedules, I could get wherever I was going on time. Then I started working at a job on the other side of town. I needed to be outside and ready to catch the bus at 5:15 a.m. in order to get to work by 7:30. If I drove, it would take me less than 20 minutes. I took lessons and bought my first car, a 1985 Ford Tempo. Blue, very pretty. But also very troublesome after the first year. The power steering constantly leaked. The alternator belt broke at least once a month for awhile. Worse, it started stalling.

The Tempo got traded in for a white Geo Metro 2-door hatchback, about a year old at the time. I loved that car. I couldn’t drive in the city with the air conditioning on because it would overheat, and it was pretty no-frills, but I had no more trouble than average. I had that car for five years, until some idiot ran a stop sign and totalled it. It was a warm summer day, and there were a lot of witnesses who saw it was the other guy’s fault. I was pretty out of it and wasn’t sure what happened, but I recovered.

This brings me to the car I still own, the only one I purchased brand-new–my 1997 Ford Aspire. Two doors, bright red hatchback. Even after more than 12 years, it still gets great gas mileage, runs more often than not, and repairs still cost less than monthly payments. Even though my last major repair cost almost–never mind.  Someday I’ll have to look for another car, I suppose, but not yet. When it starts leaving a trail of gears and belts behind as I drive, maybe.


14 responses to “fun Monday–cars

  1. Let’s hear it for cars that are reliable and non-drama queens. Wise decision to make to learn to drive. Life is much too short to spend two hours commuting to work one way. I agree with driving a car you like until it leaves a trail of parts on the road. Too stressful to shop for a new one.

  2. Oh I remember taking public transportation to work…it took 1 hr as opposed to a 20 min drive…I hated it. Our family did not own a car and we always lived close to a bus was not a high priority until much later in my life. Kudos to Fords…they are really getting a good name for theirselves lately…I would be willing to give up my toyota for a Ford the next time I am in the market for a car. Thanks for sharing and Happy FM

    • I didn’t mind riding the bus when the connections were good and they ran early and late. One thing I loved about London was that the public transportation was mostly dependable compared to the public transit in Omaha. I could catch a bus or a tube when I needed it, even on the weekends.

  3. I love that your Aspire has lasted 12 years and is still going. I remember when that came out and the CarTalk guys were joking that it “aspired” to be a car!

  4. It wasn’t until I left college that I learnt to drive and it’s one of the best things I ever did. Always love reading your FM pieces!

  5. Ya Hey Dere~
    1969 Pontiac Tempest, puke green, and nicknamed, “the Pickle”. Only I knew how to keep her running~ wish I still had her-was told Mom sold her to a lady who actually drove her to TX and made it!!!

    Today we have a 99 TrailBlazer, one of about 1500 in existance. Totally cool SUV, with 125K and runs beautifully. Won’t give this one up until they come to tow it away…

    Thanks for the add, I’ve got you in my WP links now, too 🙂


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