Fun Monday–holiday snail mail!

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Faye of Summit Musings asks:

since it’s just five days before Christmas, I thought it would be fun to share some of your holiday “snail” mail. Now I realize that a lot of people don’t get into writing and mailing out holiday greetings, especially since we can be in contact with friends and family 24/7 through technology–phone calls, texting, twittering, facebooking, blogging, e-mailing, videoing. But, for most of us it’s still a treat to see a holiday envelope mixed in with the bills and junk mail in the mailbox, especially if it’s a handwritten message.

So far, I have received one Christmas card. As stated above, most of my contact is done online these days. What I do get are last-minute pushes to give to charity in one way or another. All good causes, but it’s a bit overwhelming when they all come at once! Also two copies of my new health insurance cards, a bill for lab tests, reminders that After-Christmas sales start Saturday, and sales pitches for the new health and fitness club down the street.

Merry whatever-it-is-you’re having, Happy Christmas, and go visit Faye and see who else is playing (and may you all have better snail-mail than I do).


6 responses to “Fun Monday–holiday snail mail!

  1. The demise of Christmas cards makes me a little sad. I still look forward to mail these days, mostly because of my grandmother who writes very sporadic letters and because sometimes there are checks in the mail too. But most of my other correspondence (including bills) are done on line.

  2. It has become very expensive to send snail mail and cards but I do push the boat out at Christmas as I so enjoy it when friends take the trouble to send me a card and letter. However, I have noticed this year that we have had fewer than in previous years.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. You may not be receiving Christmas cards, but how much fun is it to find an exotic postcard mixed in with the bills, appeals, and after sales in the mailbox. I got my first card from Italy today–beautiful Venice.

    The thing about personal communication is that it doesn’t matter how we choose to connect with others–it’s just that we do it. I hope you and your mother have just the kind of holiday you enjoy and that 2010 brings health and happiness.

  4. Yeah, I have definitely experienced a slower than normal flow of Christmas cards this year. Don’t know if it is the economy or the internet? I prefer to send cards via snail mail, and I enjoy receiving them too! LOL

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

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