Fun Monday–oh, those naughty noughties; or, how I spent the first decade of the millennium

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The lovely and charming Wendishness hosts Fun Monday. Her assignment…

Okay, your mission, should you choose to accept it is this – we’re at the end of decade and in the media we’re seeing a lot of highlights, mishaps, misfortunes etc.. that have happened in the news. But what about everyone else? I would LOVE to see your highlights and lowlights from the “noughties”. Photos would be fantastic but you don’t have to – the choice is yours. (so, show us the last decade for you)

hmmm… ok, first things first. “Noughties” doesn’t seem to have caught on as a name for this first decade of the millennium here in the US, but then, neither has anything else. With that out of the way, here is a quick survey of the first years of the century.

2000: I had been online for about a year at that point. In February of that year I met my first online friend when she came to Omaha for a few days. In March (just in time for my birthday!) I went to Washington, DC, and met more friends from the internet! Someday I will dig out those pics and scan them, but since it’s been this long, don’t expect me to do it real soon. :p In July I had a hysterectomy because some fibroids were out of control (best copay I ever spent, honestly). October, I moved to a funky studio apartment in an old school building.

2001: Met a couple more people in-person from online–this time, local people. The bad–an idiot turned the corner too wide and hit me–then had the nerve to sue me. The suit went away when witnesses let it be known he moved his car so there was no way of knowing what really happened.

2002: had a heck of a birthday party with friends. Became friends with Wendishness and other people from different parts of the world.

2003: moved into a different apartment with my mother, who, while in decent health, really couldn’t be alone all the time. I could walk to work!

2004: don’t remember much from that year. Could be just as well.

2005: filed bankruptcy. It sucked, but had to be done. It’s not as convenient living without credit cards, but I’m better off without them. It didn’t sink in how deeply I was in debt until I saw how much money I was saving without them.

2006: my department moved back to the home office. I had to drive to work again, just as gas prices went way up. Oh, well…

2007: went to California with my mother. Never did finish putting the pics up on Flickr–had almost 1500 pics to go through, and made it through 20.  We went on the train, which was a vacation in itself. It was a good thing we went. My mother’s sisters were in their 80s, and this was our last chance to see them. One aunt died a few months ago, and the other had a stroke last year.

2008: I went to London for 11 days and loved it. Met more online friends, explored the city and still didn’t get to see everything I wanted. It means I need to go back. Also, it was my 20th anniversary at my job.

2009: stayed home and recovered from two years of travelling in a row!

Now, go visit Wendishness and see who else is playing.


8 responses to “Fun Monday–oh, those naughty noughties; or, how I spent the first decade of the millennium

  1. Ooh, snap with the bankruptcy. We (me and my partner) have only been out the other side for 18 months, but it has been a much more liveable 18 months than the previous 6 years of debt.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • The sad thing about debt is that it’s so easy to slip into, and it’s not always about wasting money. In a way, living without credit cards is liberating. When I had enough credit to take a fancy vacation, I didn’t do it because the thought of huge balances scared me. It took a few years after bankruptcy to decide to go to London, but I had a better time, I did things that mostly didn’t cost much money, and in the end I knew it was paid for. Strange, that.

  2. It’s amazing how fast a decade passes, isn’t it? Like you I had one major thing that marked each year. Have you posted anything about your train trip to California–I’d love to read it. Trains are the perfect way to travel. And what would we all do without the internet and technology? Love the way it connects us to the rest of the world.

    • I’ll have to write about that trip one day! I haven’t done this blog for very long, but I will have to write about the few trips I have made. I loved the train. It is the best way of all to see the mountains up close. The sunrises and sunsets–wow.

  3. It’s rather spooky how fast time goes these days.

    I, too, noticed the bankruptcy (again). There are days when I wonder if I should do that. I’m staying even, but not getting ahead and occasionally falling behind.

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