and the next Fun Monday host is… me!

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I’m hosting Fun Monday on December 7th. Be afraid. Be very afraid… nah, not really. 😀 But it IS holiday related.

A big part of many holidays is the music, but none more so than Christmas, whether or not you celebrate. It’s everywhere–on the radio, TV, in the stores. While many of the songs are lovely and happy and a part of the holiday tradition, a few songs just drive you insane after awhile. Especially since they tend to be repeated over and over, day after day.

So, my question is this: What Christmas (or other holiday) song would you prefer never to hear again, and why? It could be one song in particular, or songs by a certain singer, or a version of a song you usually enjoy that grates on your nerves. We promise not to judge. It’s your chance to vent.

If you have a YouTube version of the offenders handy so we can share your pain, all the better.

Have fun thinking about it, and I’ll see you Monday the 7th. If you’re joining in, let me know in the comments!


19 responses to “and the next Fun Monday host is… me!

  1. You must have a big spam folder if everybody (or nearly) lands up in there, lol !
    I am not really bothered by Christmas songs, at least so far, but I am sure I’ll find something to write about.

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