we love Nebraska weather, yes we do…

Today is November 7th. It should be cold and gloomy. Instead, it’s warm, sunny, and I’m sitting outside with a pumpkin pie smoothie. A couple of weeks ago, it was cold, gloomy and there was snow on the ground. Go figure.

I’m not complaining. This makes me think of when I was younger, and I sat outside with a book, a notebook and pen, or both. Only now, it’s a netbook and a wi-fi connection and a digital camera. I watch people at the nearby golf course hit balls around. The leaves are gold and red and brown (and still a little bit green), the sky is bright blue, and the roses are finally dying. A woman going through the drive-through asks if I’m getting a suntan. We laugh. There aren’t many days left before we have to surrender to the cold and gloom and snow, bundle up in sweaters, and start living on hot chocolate, tea, and lattes.  Fall is living on borrowed time.


5 responses to “we love Nebraska weather, yes we do…

  1. I see your enjoying the same weather there as we are here. I could not make myself go inside, I sat on my porch and just soaked up the rays of the warm sun and let it seep into my bones. Your right…winter is just around the corner. We are suppose to have high 50’s and 60’s all this week, YaHoo!

  2. I love Nebraska weather because I only visit it, I don’t live in it LOL! It reminds me of childhood summers spent at my Grandmother’s in Papillion. Since I live out in the dry west, I often long for humidity, even though I know I wouldn’t like it full time.

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