what (not) to wear on Sunday morning…

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Gattina from Writer Cramps is this week’s Fun Monday host. She wants to know what people wear on Sunday morning. With pictures.

The truth of  the matter is, I don’ t wear clothes to bed, unless it’s the middle of winter.  Hot flashes just seem that much hotter dressed… some of you will know what I mean. I refuse to take a picture of that… I don’t want to scare anyone. Instead, I give you the uniform of another early-morning pursuit… laundry time!


Casual, crumpled, and covered. More than that, I won’t claim.

Visit Writer Cramps and see who else is playing.


12 responses to “what (not) to wear on Sunday morning…

  1. LOL you sound like me…going through the big “M” cured me of wearing pj’s to bed. But as soon as I’m up, I throw on my sweats or shorts n t’s in the summer…not a glamous picture in the morning…haha..Thanks for sharing and happy FM

  2. I more and more think that I expressed myself badly. I didn’t want to know what you wear when you sleep, but what you wear when you get up. I suppose you don’t run naked through your house and make coffee ?? lol !

    • Um… sometimes. Tea rather than coffee, but still… when I do finally get dressed on the weekends, I usually am wearing something like what I wear to do the laundry. Shorts in the summer, longer trousers during the rest of the year.

      Glad you found me. I had issues with Open ID this morning, so responded to you with my Blogger identity. Sorry to have confused you!

    • The strange thing is, when I’m at work (fully clothed, of course), I’m usually cold! In the summer, the air conditioner is running full-blast, and in the winter, my desk is near a door that’s open and shut all the time. I just can’t win.

  3. Oh goodness, I too could have done a “laundress” photo. It would not have been pretty. I do dash out to the paperbox with my morning wear–probably shouldn’t. Re the big M, I can always tell when my friend S is flashing–her ears turn beet red.

    BTW, I really appreciate both your blog header and your profile avitar (think that’s what it’s called?). Header is very clean and graphic. Avitar shows you have a good sense of humor, I suspect.

    • I think a lot of us can be really slapdash when we’re sure no one is looking. Comfort usually wins out!

      Thanks for the kind words about how my blog looks. I loved this layout and I’m glad I picked it. As for my sense of humor… ask wendishness–we’ve known each other for years!

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