tales that will curl your hair… Fun Monday!

Sandy from Myanderings is hosting Fun Monday, and I decided to join the fun. Today’s subject… hair disasters!

In 52 years, I’ve had my share of bad haircuts, bad hair days, and bad ideas. Little photographic evidence of these disasters survive, thankfully. Still, they are in my memory for a lifetime, the hair being as close to the brain as it is.

There was the day the substitute hairdresser decided I should be a blonde. There were a couple of problems with this: I usually had my hair colored in a a lovely auburn hue, not too red, not too brown. (My real color at the time was a dingy, dull light brown.) The other problem: I had no desire whatsoever to be a blonde.  She insisted. We compromised on strawberry blonde, or so I thought. The finished product… well, let’s just say I have never seen beige hair before or since. The color just sucked the color and life out of my face and made me look dead.

I found a new place to have my hair done, and they knew how to create the auburn color I wanted. No nonsense here about going blonde. My inner redhead was being channeled, and I liked it. Then I went and spoiled it all by deciding I wanted a perm, too.

Instead of the curls I hoped I was going to get, I ended up with frizz. Still, it wasn’t so bad that I wasn’t willing to go for it a second time. My hair turned into auburn steel wool. I could have scrubbed frying pans with it. After a couple more attempts, I decided to stick with color.

I finally stopped having my hair colored when I got into a serious accident. My head had some cuts on it, and there was no putting chemicals on it for awhile. That’s when I discovered my hair was no longer this dull brown, but white. I let the color grow out, and found that white hair really looked good. I keep it short and natural now, and haven’t had a disaster since… fingers crossed.

Couldn’t resist!

Now get to Myanderings and see who else is playing today.


23 responses to “tales that will curl your hair… Fun Monday!

  1. Except for having to get trims more often, it’s a lot less work. 🙂 For years I went back and forth from growing my hair to shoulder length and cutting it short; now I just keep it short all the time.

  2. Your story sounds like my story. I also went through the color thing…too much maintenance. My gray is coming out just around my face in the front…getting used to it and keeping it short is so easy.. Welcome to FM, hope to see you again.

  3. Hey I loved how you added The Cowsills, I love their music (listening to it a second time now with the comments in another tab haha).

    I agree that your now natural hair actually suits you, some greys/whites can look so awful but yours is a really pretty colour and suits your skin colour.

    Mine is very salt and pepper underneath, I am too scared to look at it, if my hair is coloured dark and it grows out, that’s when you really notice the scary stuff underneath.

    I had perms years ago, luckily they weren’t too bad (though my first one – on the way home a crow dropped its lunch on it) gee thanks!

    LOL @ the beige look (the colour I use atm is actually called beige blonde.)

  4. I too had that one disaster with combining red hair color and a perm. One process is enough at a time. I do have photographic evidence of the crime!

    Glad you’re happy with the state of your hair now. Why is it that how hair looks has such an effect on how we see ourselves? After all these years a good hair day is still a good thing!

  5. Hahaha ! that video was really funny ! it reminded me the 70th when “peace & love” guys ran around like Jesus Christs !
    I have always dyed my hair because I am ash blond and it looks as if I just climbed out of a grave. But I have always done it myself because it’s nearly the same color and only puts a little life in it.
    If you feel well now with white hair, it’s OK. The most important thing is feeling well, whatever cut or color we have.

    • I absolutely agree with that last statement.

      Years ago, a mother of a classmate started coloring her hair black because she was tired of the dumb blonde jokes. She had big blue eyes and had a nice figure, and as a blonde she fit the stereotype to a T. But as soon as she dyed her hair black, she found she got more respect. And she had lovely coloring that suited the black hair, too. So sometimes color is the answer.

  6. reminds me – I forgot about the hairdresser who cut half my eyebrow off when trimming my bangs.

    I went bright magenta for about a year before I relented and gave in to my gray.

    I’m with you, tho. sometimes whatever nature is doing turns out to be the right way to go.

  7. Think of all the time, money and headache we could avoid if we didn’t have to mess with our hair. I’m glad perms aren’t “in” now. I’d like to think I’m not a vain person, but I’m not going gray until I have to. Some people look great in it — like you.

  8. Thanks so much for playing. My mother has beautiful white hair and my husband had always made me promise not to mess with mine when it started to go. Recently he said, you know, hon, you’re just not greying as pretty as your mom. yeah, it’s blonde now!

  9. I have been coloring my hair for years now. It is already blonde, but I get highlights and lowlights 3 times per year. I can always tell when it needs color, as it begins to feel dull and drab.

    How nice that you have discovered your natural hair color. Think of all the money you are saving!

  10. I haven’t colored my hair since I was in my early 20’s, and my natural color is a light brown. My father’s side of the family goes this incredible silver white color – and I am SO hoping I got those genes!!!!

    I’ll bet you look sensational!

  11. About monday’s fun … You also can only make a picture of the cloth you wear. I just wanted to know what people wear after they got out of their beds on a sunday. I am not curious, lol !

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