stupid questions of the day…

Are you sure you want to empty the spam folder? (No, I intend to read every offer of counterfeit watches and natural erection enhancers and treasure them forever.)

Do you want whipped cream on that? (Yes, if it’s a latte or a sundae; no if it’s a steak.)

Were you sleeping? (It’s midnight on a weekday, I have to go to work the next day, what do you think? Furthermore, while you’re asking, I don’t know anyone named “Crusher.”)

Do you have change for a hundred? (Short answer: no. Long answer: it’s gonna take more than a hundred to change you, buddy.)

Are you gonna eat that? (Asked after I asked for a box for my leftovers. That pasta is dinner for the next three days, so while I’m not eating any more right now, you’re getting my excess fettuccine over my dead body.)

Do you want to download “Overloaded Useless Toolbar With Extra Added Spyware”? (Uh… what? No, you idiot website, no!)


5 responses to “stupid questions of the day…

  1. LMFAO you know which one I like, when I plug one of my cameras into the pc to download the photos, I open up the selected software and hit “acquire photos” and it asks me “are you sure you want to acquire the photos”….no you dumb ass, I just want to keep them on my camera as a portable frame!

    Adding this to my blogroll…wtg cyn blogging again! YAY

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